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Living With Intention During the “Dash”

Present living is focused on fostering relationships with loved ones, enjoying experiences, and making memories, not holding on to stuff from the past or future.

Life is built on relationships.

When we take our final breath, we will not be wishing we had a nicer car or a bigger home full of knick knacks that need dusting. We will think of people.

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Resolve to Age in Place Well

Your mid-forties and early fifties are an excellent time to make long-term future plans for your Golden Years. Those future plans involve action in the “now” if we want to experience success.

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Presents or Presence in 2022

New Year’s is the traditional time to take stock of our lives over the past year and make resolutions to improve in the coming year. So, as the credit card bills come rolling in and our bank account balance is lower than usual, let’s evaluate what allows us to justify our materialistic drives at a time when we should be focused on our Savior’s birth. 

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