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Black Friday Shopping Without the Clutter

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How often do we hear the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts?” Let’s stop and think about the intention behind that phrase. It is almost like an excuse to do the exact opposite when shopping for the people in our lives. The phrase could potentially be reworded as “You should just be happy I got you a gift even if you don’t like it.”  But what if we slowed down and were intentional? What if our Black Friday shopping focused on the “intention” without buying gifts that just add to clutter?

I don’t want to add any pressure to an already stressful holiday shopping season, but what if this year the focus really was on the thought instead of just adding extra clutter to people’s lives? 

Stop for a minute and think about your own home. 

What would you prefer? A knick-knack? A cheap Black Friday gift? A last-minute grab-and-go from Walgreens?

Or, how about an experience for the family? Dinner out one night? A yummy dessert? A paid house cleaning service for the day? (Yes, please.)

This year shop with intention for co-workers, friends, and family members while seeking to minimize the clutter. 

How can this goal be achieved?

  1. Start with a budget. 

Consider how much money you want to spend on specific individuals and stick to it. This takes discipline, but it will be worth it to you as well as the person you are buying for. 

  1. Make a list of who you plan to buy for and consider their perspective in regards to what they may like or use. 

Hopefully you have been paying attention to things that they have mentioned. Consumable products are great because there are things that we all need and enjoy. You can really be creative with what you put together based on the person’s needs. 

  1. Plan your time and shopping strategy.

Know exactly where you want to go and what you want from that store. Remember that just because it looks like a good deal doesn’t mean that you need it. If you are wasting money on something you don’t need, it definitely isn’t a good deal no matter how cheap it is.

  1. Quality really is better than quantity. 

One well-made gift purchased with wisdom and intention is definitely better than multiple cheap items that will end up at a thrift store or in a garage sale. 

  1. Stick to items that you would probably purchase or need regardless of the sale. 

Ask yourself,  “Would you pay full price for the item?” If the answer is “no,” then you don’t need to pay fifty percent off for it. 

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If it isn’t worth having for full price, then you might want to reconsider whether you are purchasing the item for its worth or because it is a “deal.” 

In a time where we are experiencing supply chain issues, sickness, and economic uncertainty it is a great time to honestly reevaluate priorities and truly shop with intention. 

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Reclaim the peace and joy of Christmas without the physical and mental clutter that can steal the True Reason for the season!

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