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Age in Place in an Organized Space

Home Organization Services to Simplify Your Home

Home Organization Services

At KHO, we understand your goal is to be proactive and responsible when it comes to developing a plan for growing older at home before the stress of a crisis occurs.

To do this, you need a strategic partner who understands organization and efficiency as it relates to function and the aging process-someone who can guide you through this multifaceted process to help ensure your safety, independence, and efficiency are maximized.

The problem is that it can be overwhelming when tackling the process of decluttering and organizing years of accumulated items as well as considering how your needs might change or even knowing what systems are available to help you prepare.

Seniors should be able to live in their own homes safely for as long as possible without feeling anxious and worried about their home environment.

Supporting this safe, independent living situation is our goal and why KHO has a dedicated team of full-service home organization experts who will restore order to your home by customizing a plan tailored to your needs.

Declutter, Downsize and and Organize
Live Independently with Simplified Systems
Age in Place Safely

All-Inclusive Home Organization Services

Starting at


$ 7900
  • Up to 8 spaces


$ 3950
  • Up to 4 spaces


$ 1975
  • Up to 2 spaces

Spaces are determined using many factors including but not limited to the size of the area, the volume of belongings, steps required in the process, etc.

Life is Too Precious To Live A Clutter Life

Clutter is overwhelming and sometimes even dangerous as you age.

Years of accumulation contribute to high levels of family stress and tension.

Your home should support you and be your safe sanctuary not your stressor.