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Succeeding at Aging in Place with Home Organization

What is aging in place, and why is it the predominant choice among most people?

When was the last time you considered what your plan is regarding your living situation as you age? 

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute -I am only __ years old; aging in place is a long way off.” 

That may be true, however there is no official age or season of life that has been designated to signal the need to plan for our future senior selves. And we’re not just talking about finances. There is so much more to it.

Let’s add a new norm for us middle-agers. I challenge my fellow soon-to-be or current empty-nesters to set the stage for this new milestone mindset to start sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, planning for your “Golden Years” should begin before you have arrived at that season in life.

Once your children are grown, it is healthy and proactive to begin considering how to best structure your life and home to provide for your changing needs. 

The vast majority of people want to age in place for as long as possible. Aging in place is a term that simply means choosing to remain in your own home instead of moving to an assisted living placement. 

This choice is completely understandable considering you have worked hard for the home you live in, and your home provides comfort and familiarity. Living in your own home provides privacy and independence which is not necessarily available with other senior living arrangements. Structuring your home to meet your personal needs is often much more cost-efficient than the cost of moving to an assisted living facility. 

When determining if aging in place in your own home is the right fit, it is essential to consider these three factors:

  1. The person
  2. The place
  3. The support network

Early planning for personal preparations, ensuring the home is safe, organized, and has appropriate accessibility while implementing a strong support network will improve the odds of aging in place successfully. If you are proactive and independent, then aging in place is probably at the top of your list for successful future living arrangements. 

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