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Transforming Your Piles of Paper into
Peace of Mind

Paper Organization to Ensure You Have Your Affairs in Order

Paper Management Services

One of the most annoying and neverending clutter issues in our home is paper.

Paper can easily take over our home. Bills, receipts, and mail continue to flow into the home and without proper systems in place, it can spiral out of control very quickly.

Not having a paper management system that allows you to find documents you need in a timely manner
can cause stress, incur late fees and added interest, replacement expenses, lack of proof, and unclear estate & end-of-life wishes paperwork.

It is incredibly overwhelming to know where to even begin to get your paperwork and affairs all in order.

The team at KHO are masters at streamlining mountains of paperwork so you have a plan, peace, and the power to manage the daily influx of paper into your home.

KHO provides simplified, maintainable organization systems that eliminate paper clutter so you can find needed documents easily without frustration and wasted time.

Action Papers
Reference Papers
Vital Documents

Paper Management Services


$ 7900
  • Up to 24-48 bankers boxes


$ 3950
  • Up to 12-24 bankers boxes


$ 1975
  • Up to 6-12 bankers boxes

Life is too Precious to Live With Piles of Paper

Paper clutter stacks, boxes and file cabinets are overwhelming.

Years of accumulation of papers contribute to high levels of family stress and tension.

You and your loved ones need to know where to find all of your important documents and directives.