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3 Steps for Aging in Place Successfully

1. Talk With an Expert to Discuss Your Personal Home Needs

Set up a consultation with an aging in place specialist who will listen to your needs and future desires. It is important that this person understands the unique needs of seniors and the essential structure and organization of a home to meet your changing needs and ensure success and safety. This person can also discuss your personal network with you so you are able to effectively communicate your needs and wishes to caregivers and family members. 

It can be difficult to predict potential obstacles, and it can be downright overwhelming to contemplate and implement the things needed and  completed within the home for successful aging in place. A professional home organizer who specializes in aging in place for seniors ensures that the process runs smoothly. 

2. Understand and Implement Plans to Ensure Your Home is Ready

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Walk through your home with a specialist to identify areas that need to be made safer and easier to navigate. Hidden hazards and accessibility issues can greatly hinder the ability to successfully age in place. You do not hesitate to ensure that your home is covered with adequate insurance in case of an emergency. Preparing your home proactively to avoid potential pitfalls as you age is just as important. Aging-in-Place professionals are trained to spot safety and accessibility concerns within your home. These specialists are invaluable to improving your odds of aging in place successfully. 

  • Clutter
  • Handrails
  • Accessible shelving
  • Furniture placement
  • Bathroom obstacles
  • Medication organization
  • Paperwork needs

This list is just a sampling of the many considerations an Aging-in-Place professional can help address. 

3. Assess and Implement Your Support Network

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It is absolutely essential that family members and friends in your support network know your needs and desires, so be sure you communicate your plans to your loved ones. Everyone in this network is potentially affected by your caregiving needs, so begin to discuss what they are comfortable with in regards to your future care. 

Also, consider the proximity of other support services to your home. As you age in place, you may want to consider how close you are to your doctor’s office, the nearest hospital, family members’ homes, and other necessary support services. Understanding what supports are available to assist within your home is also important to help with successfully aging in place. Aging-in-Place professionals are an excellent and vital part of your support network and help you consider the extra resources available for your personal needs. 

Being Proactive is Key

Remaining in your own home as you age in place is possible when you proactively plan for your future instead of waiting for a crisis to hit. Working on this process over time while you have the energy and and are able to put resources in place keeps things manageable and lessens the fear of the unknowns of the future. Seeking wisdom from those who understand the unique needs of seniors will help prepare your home for longer independence in the comfort of your own home. 

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